In-person sessions

In person sessions are available by schedule at Robin’s office at the The Milton H. Erickson Institute of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

telehealth sessions

Robin also offers telehealth sessions for flexibility and convenience to clients with internet access who are residents of Kentucky or Indiana.

Services Provided


If you are alive, you have relationships. Some of them are pleasant and some of them are difficult. I specialize in relationships with difficult people in our lives. Happy clients have healed from generational trauma, poor attachment, family members with mental health diagnoses or symptoms, histories of violence and more. I blends Ericksonian principles with attachment and systems theory to restore sanity to those tough relationships of present or past. I have some training in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy and use its foundation in couple’s work.


Having worked with individuals and families who have experienced immediate, distant or even generational trauma, I have come to respect the impact these events have on shaping all parts of people’s lives. I have been trained in trauma-related hypnosis, EMDR, and TF-CBT. Using hypnotic techniques with EMDR, parts work and mindfulness training, clients can learn to reduce intense responses and discover new ways to experience life in more meaningful and adaptive ways.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

I have hundreds of hours of instruction in the area of Ericksonian Hypnosis from Dr. John Lentz at the Ericksonian Institute of Jeffersonville Indiana, Dr. Jeffrey Zeig at the Ericksonian Foundation and from Dr. Rob McNeilly at CET. My personal approach tends to be conversational, as taught by the late Betty Alice Erickson, utilizing the natural trance and relationship between client and therapist. Working this way sometimes leads to seemingly spontaneous symptom reduction or life improvements for the client who newly realizes more of their potential.