Tools & Strategies

feel better with these strategies

While this page is not a substitute for psychotherapy and is not intended to address crisis, it contains a wealth of tools that you can use to get feeling better right away. ​

These strategies were not invented by Robin Goben, LMFT. They can be found elsewhere easily and are used by many clinicians. This is her take on some useful tools that you can use right now.

Tools for RIGHT NOW

Square Breathing

Breathing is your body’s number 1 tool for establishing intensity or equilibrium. Using breath intentionally returns control and allows you to access the parts of yourself that know what to do. This short video walks you through the 4-4-4-4 breathing method to stabilize breathing and introduce calm.

Butterfly Hug

The Butterfly Hug is a calming technique that incorporates the benefits of somatic taping with bilateral stimulation.


Another technique for reducing intensity and returning to present-moment awareness is grounding. While the internet is full of delightful takes on this helpful technique, this video presents Robin’s favorite style for grounding.

Healing Light Meditation

The healing light meditation is a guided imagery mediation and resource used in EMDR and other methods, designed to access parts of one’s higher self.